Furniture and Laboratory Equipment

Furniture and Laboratory Equipment

Furniture and Laboratory Equipment . When we think about the food we eat is often not taken into account the 'hidden' consists of workshops with machinery and equipment, in which it takes shape around what is proposed.
Chefs with their staff working in these areas must be able to manage the work in a practical and adequate. Our company work from long time for design of these spaces for equipment, vehicles, tools and work surfaces in a functional manner with respect to their use. Collaborating with many realities of work in a participatory / active, it gives us a way to get 'actually' inside 'jobs' and skills sector.

Bars, pastries, ice-cream parlors, restaurants

Food & Beverage

Corporate and community canteen solutions

Contract Business

Local, jewelery, tobacco, fashion

Other sectors

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In our book online you can see in every picture all the stylistic choices that we make, integrated into each space depending on what the client wants to highlight.

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