Furniture and equipment for Pastries

Furniture and equipment for Pastries

Furniture Pastries . The pastries are valuable structures, which symbolize the sweetness of leisure and special days. Cream puffs, cakes and pastries are tied inextricably to the memory of holidays, birthdays and important events. Happy moments for sweet concessions.
When we work for similar structures, we provide everything needed to make them fully active. We transform the room into a display suitable to emphasize his 'work'. Let's take a new look at the context and spaces with dedicated areas that are in the best way the pleasantness of this reality. Colors, lights and forms of design focus the attention of the viewer on the delicious featured products.

Bars, pastries, ice-cream parlors, restaurants

Food & Beverage

Corporate and community canteen solutions

Contract Business

Local, jewelery, tobacco, fashion

Other sectors

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In our book online you can see in every picture all the stylistic choices that we make, integrated into each space depending on what the client wants to highlight. Furniture Pastries. We are ready to meet every need, to give every security, to follow every choice and decision. Practical, fast, functional and certified the e-mail address is being opened 'h24' always willing to accommodate any request.

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